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Prom Dresses - 2019 Season

The Selection

We have a wonderful selection of dresses to fit all sizes and shapes (from UK 2 to 36) from great designer labels Tiffanys and To the Nines, ranging in price from £199 to £589.

There are 60 styles of prom dresses in stock for you to inspect before you order. Every dress can be ordered in one of dozens of colours.


Telephone us or use our appointments button to set up an appointment to discuss your requirements, help you choose a dress and colour combination, take your measurements and discuss any other requirements you may have. It takes up to an hour. Next year’s designs arrive in the shop in the autumn, and that is the best time to make an appointment. We are always busy in the pre-prom season, so the earlier you come the better.

   Set Up an Appointment On Line

Choosing & Ordering

We recommend choosing and ordering between 5 and 8 months before the prom. Buying early secures the style for you at your school. No one else will be able to buy and wear that same style to your prom. Our Prom Promise, not something the High Street or Internet can guarantee, but we do!

Don't worry about choosing the size so early — we have lots of experience and can advise you about the best one to order to take into account growth spurts – upwards and outwards – which can occur at this time of your life!

Dresses are made to order and take from 12 to 16 weeks from order to delivery.

Our Prom Promise:

“We will not sell the same dress twice"

We guarantee that we will not sell the same dress to anyone else attending your Prom, not even the same dress in a different colour.

We have an exclusivity agreement with our designers. We are the only stockists of their designs in a ten mile radius.

We adhere to our prom promise. We would entertain requests where two girls specifically ask to wear the same dress, for example identical twins.